Conference Emcee Peter Wood - A magical host for banquets, seminars, meetings and conferences

The Magic Emcee

Ensure a well-paced, engaging and memorable event!

The Magic Table performance by Peter Wood

Peter will keep them entertained and laughing on stage, no matter what is happening backstage.

His ad-libbing skills and a quick wit ensure that your conference will be fresh and lively.

Whether you're hosting a multi-day seminar or a single meeting, Peter is the personality your group will enjoy spending time with!

  • Seamless transitions maintain focus
  • Surprising magic keeps up interest and enthusiasm!
  • Contact Peter for an informal chat and brainstorming session

Download as a PDFClick here to view/download the PDF one-sheet for Magical Emcee

We want to thank you for lending your considerable talents to our reception ... Several guests complimented us on your skills of prestidigitation.

Whitney Hahn,
Radio and Television Host

{ More praise for Peter's magic }

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