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"My guests all raved about the mind-blowing card tricks he performed as he strolled from table to table."

- Shelli Calland

"We've never booked the same act two years in a row, but we may need to make an exception for Peter."

- Melissa Kinna,
Turning Point Real Estates

"Our expectations were definitely exceeded!"

- Jan Shaut, Sr. VP,
Case Design/Remodeling

Case Studies:


Spy Museum

KLC Events

KLC Events

Metro Homes, Inc.

Corporate entertainment for Frito-Lay

The Challenge:

Engage a diverse group of employees and their families at Frito-Lay's annual employee recognition event.

The Solution:

A two-man stage show, featuring Peter and his brother Matt, followed by up-close strolling entertainment for the employees and their families.

Corporate entertainment for Frito-Lay

The Results:

Shirley Boulden of Frito-Lay writes:

"When I was involved with planning our annual kickoff - attended by a few hundred employees and their spouses - I immediately got in touch with Peter. Once again, his magic was a hit; the show was clean, funny and amazing." [Read more]

Custom magic for the International Spy Museum

The Challenge:

Create a stage performance highlighting the parallels between magic and espionage in an entertaining and interactive way.

The Solution:

After a few meetings and brainstorming sessions with Museum decision-makers, Peter developed "The Magic of Spying: Tradecraft Trickery," a custom experience of magic and mind-reading, exclusive to the International Spy Museum.

The Results:

Custom Spy Magic

Following the performances, Jackie Eyl of the International Spy Museum said:

"We fully support you as a high quality performer who worked with us from the very beginning to produce a customized show that met our standards of excellence and accurately interpreted the Museum's content." [Read more]

Strolling cocktail entertainment for KLC Special Event Management

The Challenge:

Provide ambient entertainment at a graduation party, comprised of teen through adult guests.

The Solution:

Versatile and mobile, Peter's cocktail magic allowed him to mix and mingle with the guests. Each mini-performance was tailored to fit each audience, from graduate to grandparent.

The Results:

Event planner Kate Crummett shared her thoughts after the party:

"I knew that we weren't getting a goofy, cheesy magician, but instead a classy, polished performer with many companies among his clients. This was especially important to the host father, being a corporate decision-maker himself." [Read more]

The Challenge:

Brides Kelly Simpson and Karlys Kline wanted to bring their guests together - many of whom have never met before - in a fun and entertaining way.

The Solution:

During the cocktail hour(s) that began their receptions, Peter mingled with the crowd, sharing up-close magic that engaged people from both sides of the family.

The Results:

Karlys Kline shared her thoughts after the honeymoon:

"Peter's style of magic was perfect for the crowd, working well with the kids - but more importantly - captivating the adults with his illusions and humor.

"I would recommend Peter, not only for a wedding, but for any event that needed an extra special touch. Even a year later we continue to receive comments from delighted attendees reagrding the wonderful magician."

And Kelly Simpson had this to say about the entertainment at her special day:

"Each guest, still to this day, muses over Peter's magic and they compliment me for a great addition to what is generally a boring waiting game at a wedding: the cocktail hour.

"So, I hired Peter once again for my husband's 30th birthday party. And our friends and family were wowed by him all over again.

"Peter's shows create a truly memorable experience, something different that guests don't expect.

The Challenge:

Provide a special break at the "manager's mixer," held halfway through Metro Homes, Incorporated's annual conference.

The Solution:

After sharing up-close magic to smaller groups, all the managers gathered for a short stand-up show that was interactive and let their co-workers be stars.

The Results:

Dana McKenzie was kind enough to write:

"Our conference theme was 'People who feel good about themselves can create magic!' Peter was instrumental in driving this message home; making sure that our managers not only felt great, but let them create the magic as the stars of the show!" [Read more]

Amazing Strolling Entertainment:

  • Up-close cocktail entertainment!
  • Easy corporate parties; no setup required
  • Jazz up your wedding cocktail hour
  • Excellent before or after Peter's stage show
  • A proven awards banquet idea
  • No table needed: 100% mobile

Treat your guests to unbelievable, under-their-nose magic full of laughter and wonder!

As Peter Wood mingles, your crowd experiences impossible card magic and uncanny mental feats. Corporate party guests laugh and gasp in amazement as Peter reads their thoughts! Wedding cocktail guests delight in his incredible sleight-of-hand displays. Peter Wood's cocktail entertainment breaks the ice and gets people talking. It's a winning awards banquet idea!

Cocktail entertainment for company parties

Perfect for your corporate cocktail hour, Peter's strolling magic is the ultimate in flexible entertainment. He can go where the guests are, making cocktail entertainment ideal for open house events. With no table or sound system required, company event planners won't lift a finger!

Peter's cocktail magic has been enjoyed by Frito-Lay, USA Today, Toys R Us and more. He has entertained at hundreds of corporate party events and wedding cocktail hours. Invite an experienced, energetic performer to your corporate party! Contact Baltimore's cocktail magician Peter Wood today.

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Company entertainment idea: Open House Magic
Company entertainment idea: Boardwalk-Style Magic

Boardwalk-Style Magic:

Peter Wood offers a unique “continuous show,” perfect for open house events. Invite your guests to approach the corporate magician's table throughout the evening. They’ll be treated to incredible, up-close magical miracles!

  • Ideal for open house festivities
  • The perfect compliment to your casino night!
  • No one show time: scheduled by the hour
  • Up-close, interactive magic and mind reading

Boardwalk-Style Magic is a super-flexible solution for your corporate event. Rather than one official showtime, it’s a full evening of magic.

Many guests will experience corporate entertainer Peter Wood throughout your event. Similar to a street performer, Peter will present a series of mini-shows. Attendees will absolutely love his clean comedy and magic show.

Peter's Boardwalk-Style Magic is perfect for your casino night event. He's brought this flexible magic entertainment to events in Baltimore, DC and Virginia. It's proven to be a great idea for company entertainment!

Get in touch with Peter today about bringing Boardwalk-Style Magic to your event.

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